Independent and Data Driven


Targeted to cover specific aspects of the municipal bond market

Research Reports


mma municipal advisor

A comprehensive look at the prior month’s major trends as well as expectations of what is to come within a historical context.

  • A compilation of the fundamental and technical factors that influence market direction.

  • A review of monthly, quarterly and YTD municipal performance.

  • Primary market activity – coverage of the key new issues sold during the month. (sample)


The leading independent review of events that transpired and those we expect to come. Analysis of recent credit events and headlines affecting the market.

  • Recommendations for portfolio tactics – risks and opportunities for current conditions.

  • Comprehensive, quantitative assessments of liquidity risks and opportunities on the yield curve.

  • A review of public and tax policy out of Washington, D.C. as it pertains to the industry. (sample)


MMA Municipal default trends

Update and commentary on MMA’s Credit Impairment Database – the leader in the field.

  • Excellent resource when fielding client inquiries regarding municipal creditworthiness.

  • Comprehensive weekly default and impairment notice activity. (sample)

mma municipal strategist

Provides a day-end summary of key statistics to identify value and opportunity.

  • Places current conditions in a critical historical context for portfolio strategy.

  • Provides both a fundamental and technical snapshot for quantitative traders and investors. (sample)

mma municipal insight

Monitors the daily municipal new-issue pricing/sales and secondary market trading activity.

  • Provides forward-looking observations on the day’s activity and participant tactics through direct communication with industry professionals.

  • Breaks down daily secondary activity to provide information on where on the curve and credit spectrum liquidity was observed. (sample)

MMA municipal yield benchmarks

MMA provides a AAA 5% coupon curve on a daily basis to help the industry discern risk and value - for both issuers and investors.

  • Since 2010, industry leaders have been polled to create the 5% benchmark.

  • Prior to 2010, contributing participants were polled to create the par coupon curve.

  • All curves are available on Bloomberg at command prompt CMMA. (sample)